Business Process Services(BPS 2.0)
Insights driven business processes

Our Business Process Services help organizations to transform, focus on strategic initiatives, reduce costs, and build competitive advantage. We own, administer, and manage the operations delivery, based upon defined, and measurable performance metrics with an objective to improve overall business outcome. BPS 2.0 enables strategic advantages in the form of digital business transformation, and innovation, in addition to optimization and cost benefits. The emphasis is on delivering the greatest value to all stakeholders and to achieve and sustain the highest degree of efficiency and quality for an organization.

Lean management

We follow lean management approach, which represents a substantial improvement in the activities of the organization and a departure from traditional practices. Its introduction together with the concept of continuous improvement aims to optimize the processes and eliminate waste and inefficiencies.

Process standardization

We offer standardization of business processes aimed at improving operational performance and reducing costs by decreasing process errors, facilitating communication, and profiting from domain knowledge. The objective of standardization is to make process activities repeatable and reliable. This brings consistency in process activities across the value chain.

Process innovation

We ensure that the process of innovation is cemented in operations delivery. With the aim to stabilize and standardize transactions, then continue with the implementation of improvements, and finally concentrate on seeking innovation and providing consultancy.

We offer services that deliver value beyond transaction processing or offshore delivery. We have invested in data science, analytics, and tools to elevate our value to customers. Our offerings helps to rethink conventional contact center processes and use them to connect the dots between customer journeys and channel-specific interactions to enhance outcomes. There is focus on innovation through digital tools and platforms, analytics-driven engagement, and pricing based on business outcomes.

Beyond just labor

We bring a combination of domain expertise, technology and knowledge that creates business value. We focus on holistic process optimization addressing client’s entire landscape. We create frameworks and tools to leverage industry best practices and add value to client business.

Beyond just process

We offer managed processes and build BPaaS solutions, deploying proprietary cloud-based workflow platforms. We provide a suite of tools and technologies for optimization of BPS.

Beyond just offshore

We offer delivery out of destinations which work best for our clients. We operate out of 25 countries aligned to clients’ businesses, offering flexibility for delivery from multiple locations across the world with a hybrid onsite, nearshore and offshore model.

Our business process services help to achieve the value trifecta of cost containment, customer experience improvement and process transformation. We offer greater value via human-centered design, cloud, intelligent process automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Our focus is on offering advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, including AI, machine learning, and automation, to achieve holistic process optimization with a combination of front office digitization and back office automation. Through these capabilities we deliver business value beyond transaction processing and offshore delivery.

Improved Operational Performance

Our technology driven solution framework helps to deliver positive business outcomes.The focus is on continuous improvement to achieve best-in-class performance.We have well-rounded experience stitching together capabilities and tools in the context of large, transformative engagements that go beyond just process outsourcing.

Digital transformation focus

As digital specialists we invest in digital analytics and customer journey analytics that use unstructured data to provide insights for decision making. Our insights-driven initiatives typically revolve around digitizing and revitalizing the back office using analytics around agile operating models.

Partnership centric approach

We concentrate on embedding domain expertise within client engagements. We invest in formalizing and extending internal capabilities within specific industry segments or process areas. Also our willingness to experiment with commercial models provides incentives to manage margins proactively favoring customer and business metrics.

Process automation

UST SmartOps™, an in-house proprietary intelligent automation platform, combines AI and cognitive automation to intelligently streamline business operations thereby reducing costs, improving overall efficiency and profitability. This AI-powered Cognitive Automation Platform holistically learns and reimagines your business processes while intelligently digitizing and compressing the manual workflows.