While 85% of development organizations have introduced test automation, only 23% have deployed it (in 50% of their test cases) and only 4% have automated more than 90% of their test cases.

Teams are struggling to keep up with the pace of Agile teams, let alone the high speed data provisioning demands in a continuous testing landscape.

UST’s answer to this challenge was to integrate an on demand self-data provisioning tool Genrocket with our Quality Engineering platform NoSkript which helps to accelerate realization of test automat benefits.

This webinar will give you insights of the exciting technological advancements and how it can deliver superior software testing solutions to a QA organization.

Here is what you will learn from this informative session.

  • GenRocket overview
  • UST Point of View & Solutions address test data challenges
  • The benefits of Zero Touch On-Demand Data Delivery
  • Live demonstration of self-service test data provisioning
  • Q&A


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