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Being the best in traditional business is no longer enough. New fintech and insurtech companies, and a new wave of native-digital and early-adopter customers, are changing the rules of the game. In a highly competitive landscape, survival and success for banks will depend on being agile, innovative and open. At UST Global, we take the digital journey with our clients, transforming technologies, cultures and business models to create the financial services institutions of tomorrow.

Creating Agile Banks

Adapt quickly, effectively and efficiently to changes in business climate and the challenges and constraints of scaling

Winning in the Platform Game

Bring users to the center of innovation to develop products that truly fulfill customer needs and deliver sustained loyalty

Evolving the Core

Banks offer both financial and non-financial services, enabling customers to better orchestrate their lives

According to the Millennial Disruption Index (MDI), 71% of teens to thirty-somethings would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are saying. Furthermore, 73% of MDI respondents would be more excited about a new offering in financial services from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal or Square than from their own nationwide bank.

These results confirm a seismic shift in banking, with implications for both consumer sentiment and the future of the financial services industry.

While current revenue streams slant towards older demographics – where social and technological changes are less prevalent – the future is clearly at risk for banks that fail to connect with the next generation of financial services customers.

Six traits that define customer loyalty in banking: responsive, resolving, relevant, informative, supportive and happy
In crowded fintech and insurtech markets, trusted names have an opportunity to cut through the clutter
Pure financial services products are being commoditized; next-generation customers are expecting more from banks

UST Global is a trusted partner to many of today’s largest financial services institutions. We engage at all levels, including technologies, cultures and business models, to ensure successful enterprise-class digital transformations. Our services are defined by integrated approaches, an innovative mindset and strong strategic advisory capabilities.

Digital Banking
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  • Human-centric Banking Channels Design
  • Disruptive Banking Technologies
  • New Business Models Through Platforms
  • Machine Learning Solutions & Predictive Models
  • Fintech Vertical Platforms
  • Robo-advisor Platforms
  • Blockchain-enabled Solutions
  • Monetizing the API Ecosystem
  • 3rd Party Platform Design & Development
Core Evolution & Optimization
  • Core Commercial Processes Support
  • Core Banking Technology Evolution
  • Corporate & Investment Banking Solutions
Cross Domain Services
  • Architecture CoE
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Strategy, Migration & Operation
  • CyberTrust®
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