Leveraging Omni-Channel Retail Solutions

With advancing technology in the retail sector, consumers increasingly expect to get personalized, relevant and seamless shopping experiences.

Recent survey reports by various consultancies indicate that customers expect a similar quality shopping experience whether done In-store, Online or via Mobile, which enables them  to locate products easily and quickly, through improved website appearance and user experience.

  • Online shopping can sometimes be frustrating to customers. Users tend to give up on the online shopping scene if the web functionality and performance are not up to the mark, if there are not many products to choose from, or if the customer service is too poor
  • Customers have different reasons to prefer in-store or online shopping experience. The reason why online/mobile shopping has gained prominence is the following five factors – Convenience, Variety, Price, Comparisons and Fun
  • Meeting these expectations can drive sales as well as ensure customer loyalty

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