Murali Gopalan
Chief Commercial Officer


Murali Gopalan is Chief Commercial Officer of UST Global. He is responsible for the realization of Step It Up America, a nationwide program in the United States by UST Global to hire minority women as IT consultants. It is a high impact program that truly delivers to UST Global’s mission of “Transforming Lives”.

He also holds responsibility for the company’s global innovation programs, having pioneered the democratic innovation model in the company with The Apple Tree innovation gym. As the innovation service blueprint of the company has evolved, he is pursuing an inclusive model that would leverage it for new acquisitions like Engineering Services.

As the sponsor of innovation in UST Global, he spearheaded the building of a unique crowdsourcing model of innovation. He won an award for innovation from the Union Minister of IT of India in May 2012. In his role as CIO, he led the strategy, implementation and support of information systems worldwide. In Europe it was his responsibility to drive sales & marketing, partnerships, acquisitions and delivery of technology projects to customers.

Previously he was Chief Information Officer of UST Global. He has played other keys roles since joining the company at its inception. He was the Chief Operating Officer of its Indian subsidiary, the head of its European subsidiary UST Europe, and the head of its niche markets group for banking software products.

He is a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering from India. He is a post-graduate in business management from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC).

Prior to UST Global, he has worked in Procter & Gamble and in Colgate Palmolive Co. in their operations in India, the Middle East and the US, and in areas like marketing, supply-chain etc. He has overseen a number of brand launches and marketing activities for these companies.

He is a Founder Charter Member of the Kerala Chapter of TiE (, with the objective of fostering entrepreneurship. He was the Component Sponsor of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Kerala Chapter. He is also a Founder of GTECH, the Group of Technopark Companies, in Trivandrum.

He lives in Aliso Viejo, California, with his family.