Shift Right Testing Practices


Agile and DevOps practices have created a revolutionary trend in software and information technology. The adoption rate of Agile and DevOps practices has increased in the last couple of years. Organizations are trying to stay ahead of the competition by releasing products faster to the market. Even though Agile and DevOps practices are eliminating the weaknesses of the traditional waterfall model, organizations are facing challenges such as unstable code, low confidence over the releases, and an increase in product defect count. The traditional quality engineering practices are not helping testers to move releases faster to production, which is leading to a bad end-user experience. Shift-Right testing is one of the practices that can help quality engineering teams to reduce the business risk associated with poor quality. Shift-Right testing also helps in improving the product by aligning test strategies based on continuous end consumer feedback.

Testing in production helps to identify business process flows from real users and analyzes use cases that are difficult to anticipate. Most of the organizations do not adopt testing in production due to traditional thinking, “testing the software or product in the production environment is a risk and introducing any unknown chaos due to testing in a production environment will have a direct impact on the client's business.” Other than the above, organizations may not have insights about techniques or may not have adequate infrastructure to test their products in a production environment.  

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