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Enterprises undergoing digital transformations or modernizing their applications must take a realistic view across their IT landscape to understand present state, the desired state, and how to get there . Cloud computing -  the constant ‘disruptor’, is gaining huge momentum across small, medium and large enterprises. Increased need for agility and informed response to ever changing business dynamics for sustaining a clear competitive edge is instrumental in setting the current trend of increased Cloud adoption and transformation.

Modernized IT Infrastructure

We help Global Enterprises build On Demand infra in hours, helping modernize their business platforms with Near Zero downtime – allowing our clients to focus on innovation and building an agile Organization.

Gauge IT Agility

Our clients rely on our ability to help them respond to business integrations focused on latest OS upgrades and limit less infra capability for their business to expand.

Managing Demand

We aid in effectively computing and forecasting the capacity utilization  demands and identifying the potential business losses due to capacity misalignments.

Enabling ‘Everything Cloud’

We help clients navigate their journey to Cloud through our ‘Journey Pit Stops’ and Accelerators. A comprehensive set of Cloud offerings support enterprises in overcoming challenges during their Cloud transformation journey and to reap maximum benefits of in-house infrastructure and applications.  Our Cloud operating framework powered by UST Athena (automated cognitive operations platform) supports multiple clouds, provides robust cloud operations and end to end governance.

Strategize - The Cloud Plan
  • Cloud Counsel and Strategy for improved cost effectiveness and minimal disruptions.
  • Enterprise Blueprint Architecture
  • Cloud Service Delivery Planning
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Planning
  • Application Migration Assessment and Planning
  • Deployment Planning and Evaluation
  • Custom Development
  • Business Goal Assessment
Drive – The Cloud Journey
  • Cloud Migration Factory for seamless migration of workloads during Cloud Journey .
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Provision Cloud ready infrastructure through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.
  • Application Migration
  • Database Integration
  • DevOps Services
Stabilize – The Cloud Run
  • Cloud Environment Managed  Services
  • Cloud Monitoring Services
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Component On-demand Management
  • 24/7 Operation Service Management
  • Native Cloud Development and Management
  • Application Management
  • Cloud Economics and Security Management
  • Cloud Optimization
The Cloud Transform
  • Enable zero touch operations and improved user experience.
  • Cloud Journey Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Transformation
  • Microservices and Container based Serverless Architecture
  • AI Ops Enabled Transformation
  • Cloud Application Modernization
  • Cloud DevSecOps
  • Cloud Performance Optimization
  • Cloud Transformational Economics
Cloud Ecosystem Services
  • Cloud as a Business (CaaB) - Identifying cost and expense centres in a cloud environment and converting to revenue centres .  
  • Provision of comprehensive ecosystem services to our customers
  • XaaS (Everything as a Service) - Everything as a service powered by ‘as a service’ demand model of Cloud.
  • BOT farm - AI powered bots for automated enterprise processes

UST FORTUNA, our private Cloud Infrastructure delivers world class Cloud services at the most optimal cost. Built indigenously with Open Source components, UST FORTUNA delivers both server and server-less services in seconds. UST FORTUNA brings in the capabilities of Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud computing.

The platform can drive self-sustaining operations with AI and ML capabilities, has seamless integration with APIs, has a built-in security with next generation firewall and anti-malware capabilities, has a centralized control panel, an orchestration and self-service capabilities. UST FORTUNA feature a rich platform that eases regulatory compliance.

UST Fortuna

Our Private Cloud Infrastructure delivers world class Cloud services at the most optimal cost.

UST Athena

Our automated cognitive operations platform provides near zero touch operations and improved user experience.


Suite of tools that accelerates migration by 30%.


Our risk-based cyber security service provider.

UST EdgeOps

Platform for DevOps Tool Chain Orchestration to enable the DevSecOps platform in Cloud.