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Designing the right customer experience:

Enterprises are being digitally transformed, producing products or services that are being consumed by their customers, partners, and employees. But, these enterprises continue to struggle with creating the right experiences for their stakeholders. At UST Global, our emphasis on customer-driven Application Development enables us to design the right experience for stakeholders that generates value for our clients. With deep industry knowledge, delivery capabilities and technical expertise, we help businesses differentiate by designing a unique and seamless experience spanning product and service touchpoints.

Adding value to applications and products:

Enterprises struggle to cope up with complex systems that are inflexible to support new business initiatives. We accelerate possibilities for our clients by taking a systematic, agile approach to modernization of core assets for business agility. We also leverage cloud and modern architectures for these transformations. In these transformations, we focus on automation for cost optimization and Artificial Intelligence to make the applications/products smarter

Modernization of core assets for business agility leveraging cloud and modern architectures
Cost efficiencies powered by DevSecOps leveraging AI
Analytics as a Service for enabling assistive decision making

Our application development services are transforming the experiences for our clients and their customers around the world. We build core business applications across our clientele.

For a leading healthcare insurance provider, we have built and maintain their patient portal servicing more than 50K applications and over 1.5M quotes in the month for enrollment

For a leading US credit rating agency, we provide end-to-end management of their complex eCommerce platform for consumers

For a large UK pharmacy, we have built a mobile platform targeting end-customers, enabling continuous customer engagement and increasing the stickiness

Advisory and Support Services
  • Application Architecture Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Application Performance Assessment
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Automation Strategy
  • Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture (Azure, AWS, Google, PCF)
  • Cloud Adoption Strategies (Azure, AWS, Google, PCF)
  • Content and Collaboration Strategy
  • DevSecOps Strategy
  • DevSecOps Assessment
User Experience Design
  • User Research
  • Experience Engineering
  • Application Design and Prototyping
  • User Interface Design and Development
  • Design of Customer Analytics
  • Design Multi-Channel Experiences
  • Experience Validation
  • Ideation to Conceptualization
  • Service Design
Application Development
  • Application Development as a Service (Java, Microsoft, Open Source, Mainframe, AS/400)
  • Microservices Architecture and Development
  • DevSecOps Realization
  • Technology/Platform Refresh
  • Custom Development for Cloud and Mobile
  • No/Low Code Application Development (PowerApp / OutSystems / Mendix)

Why UST?

We enable clients to harness technology to design unique experiences across channels

Our hyper-agile approach driven through automation, pragmatic implementation expertise, and reusable assets, ensure quality in engineering of the application or product

Security hardened at every stage of the lifecycle by integrating security tools as first-citizens in the DevSecOps cycle


Multi-channel event-driven experiences that blend with the user’s lifestyle, context & devices

UST EdgeOps

UST Platform for DevSecOps to integrate security, automation and intelligence into the development and management of lifecycle of applications

UST Fab Portal

Reusable asset library for composition-based application development