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Because businesses must respond quickly to changing market conditions, competitive advantage goes to organizations with IT systems that are both agile and adaptable. Processes, architectures, tools and accelerators must be able to accommodate change without introducing added cost and complexity.

As a large number of core enterprise applications continue to leverage the Java platform, there is a renewed focus on adaptability, supportability, quality and stability for these applications.

The hyper-personalized user experience is also becoming critical to success in today’s new digital reality. Intelligent assistants and alternate sources of inputs such as voice will increasingly influence Java development and create new opportunities for success.

Deliver business agility by using automation and augmentation to implement changes in days rather than months
Applications will evolve quickly without losing quality through new architectural frameworks and automation
The customer experience will continue to be essential to delivering great applications to end-users across all channels

From reengineering and migrating a customer contract system to a J2EE framework for a Fortune 500 energy and utilities firm, to building a platform that supports processing of more than 50,000 applications and more than 1.5 million quotes for a leading healthcare insurance provider, to developing a commerce engine for one of the world’s largest auto auction companies, the UST Global Java services team leads the way for driving operational efficiency and fueling digital transformation

Advisory & Support Services
  • Outcome-based engagements supporting existing Java-based systems, and architecture assessment for transformation of Java systems
Portal & Content Development
  • Portal and content management solutions that promote collaboration, continuous customer engagement and information availability
Custom Development
  • Cloud, mobile and DevOps-first application development supported by visual engineering tools and prefabricated requirements, services and test kits
Application Transformation
  • Transformation of legacy Java applications supported by a continuous improvement process that creates digitally-aligned and future-proof systems
Application Migration
  • Application migration services that align Java-based systems to the latest frameworks, libraries and tool sets
Application Modernization
  • Modernize applications on mainframe and other legacy systems to be cloud-first and mobile-first Java applications

The UST Global Java team boasts in-depth knowledge and experience across a range of industries, applications and technology stacks. Combining expertise in automation tools and integration services with a strong partner ecosystem and a lean industrialized delivery model, we are unequaled in our capacity to support Java as a platform.

Our proven track-record helping the Global 2000 with legacy modernization, integration, system consolidation and process harmonization, coupled with our AnalyticsEdge services, ‘design for happiness’ approach and ‘fewer customers, more attention’ mindset, set us apart in providing exceptional value for clients embarking on the digital transformation journey.

Speed Through Composed Applications

Increase quality and reduce your time to market through our visual engineering tools and prefabricated requirements, services and test kits – or utilize UST Global’s ClientFactory to leverage a highly customizable modular framework

Intelligence Augmented Applications

Gain the EdgeOps™ advantage; use AgentEdge knowledge management, decision making and automation to reduce time to market by providing the right feedback to the development process

Human-Centered Innovation

Our digital design methodology sets us apart by focusing on emotive, inspirational and human-centric design, while our visual modeling, design and code generation capabilities help you rapidly realize your minimum viable product