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The use of Microsoft platforms and the ability to listen to customers in creating applications tailored to their needs enables UST Global and its clients to outperform the competition. For both traditional and disruptive applications, our approach provides both usefulness and usability in the shortest timeframe possible.

Our deep understanding of Microsoft platforms allows us to architect delightful, responsive and personalized user experiences. In contrast to ad-hoc strategies, composing such applications allows for rapid deployment of highly adaptable applications that are richer, more context-aware and highly relevant for each and every user.

With the emergence of Azure, Microsoft strategies are by definition becoming cloud-first
‘Multi-device’ is driving the use of open source technologies for applications that interface with business logic built on .NET
Enterprises using SharePoint now commonly deploy business functionality across hybrid cloud environments

From developing an Azure-based app for the world’s largest security services provider, to developing a sales collaboration portal for a global computer manufacturer using .NET and SharePoint services, to aligning stand-alone systems with the ASP.NET MVC framework for a US-based credit reporting agency, our advisory, development and modernization services are harnessing the power of Microsoft technology to transform the online experience for clients and customers around the world.

Advisory Services
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Azure Adoption Strategies
  • SharePoint Implementation
Development & Support
  • Application development with cloud-first and mobile-first design principles
  • Outcome-based support services for applications developed on the Microsoft stack
Transformation & Modernization
  • Create a transformation roadmap that ensures legacy Microsoft applications are future-proof and digitally aligned
  • Migrate applications while aligning to the latest Microsoft frameworks, libraries and tools
  • Rewrite and modernize legacy applications using cloud-first and mobile-first design principles
Speed Through Composed Applications

Harness the power of the Microsoft Azure platform to build micro-service and API-based applications; increase quality and reduce time to market using visual engineering tools and prefabricated Azure components

Smarter, More Adaptive Applications

Using UST Global's Efficiency Edge to provide deep insight to user behavior, we help you build smarter applications on the Microsoft stack that integrate contextual computing, adaptive functionality and adaptive user interfaces

Intelligence Augmented Applications

Use AgentEdge to reduce time to market by providing the right feedback to the development process; in addition, leverage Microsoft Cortana and Microsoft analytics services to augment application capabilities