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Fragmented and ad hoc IT investments have no place in today’s global enterprise, nor do IT strategies guided by institutional inertia or the latest industry trend.

IT decisions must be made deliberately – considering near and long-term objectives, portfolio synergy, scalability and cost – to ensure technology is an asset and not a liability.

With a better understanding of technology through portfolio analysis, businesses can develop an architecture that aligns IT with objectives, establishes solid governance practices and prioritizes expenditures for maximum gain.

Portfolio analysis is essential for businesses seeking a long-term, disciplined and balanced approach to IT investment
Repeatable improvement processes are the surest path to IT decisions with positive business impact
Rationalization of objectives, technologies and costs form the core of effective portfolio management

UST Global IT portfolio assessment evaluates your technology based on business segments, functionality and supported processes. The analysis provides findings and prioritized rationalization initiatives that align closely with your defined enterprise architecture.

Assessment starts by creating portfolio-based clusters of applications by business process. Within each portfolio, applications are analyzed for retirement, consolidation or reengineering. The needs of business groups are analyzed and prioritized, and a report is prepared with recommendations by portfolio and application.

  • Define Portfolio Objectives: Vision, Goals & Priorities
  • Define Quantifiable Outcome-based Metrics
  • Identify Capability Gaps, Opportunities & Redundancies
  • Define Risks to Continuous Improvement
  • Compare Alternative Portfolios & IT Execution Strategies
  • Analyze Alternative Strategies & Funding Levels
  • Optimize Selection of IT Investments & Execution Strategies
  • Establish Quantifiable, Outcome-based Performance Metrics
  • Recommendations for Individual Portfolio Investments: Continuation, Modification & Termination
  • New Portfolio Analysis & Recommended Actions
  • Compare Recommendations Against Outcome-based Performance Metrics
  • Validate Portfolio Improvements
  • Data-driven Portfolio & Investment Adjustments

The UST Global portfolio assessment team leverages deep industry knowledge to provide insights that align the IT strategy with business priorities. Our systematic approach defines, investigates, evaluates and reports portfolio analysis recommendations that enable IT and business leadership to make informed decisions to run and grow the business.

Detailed Portfolio Analysis

Enhance the development and maintenance of existing and future applications

One-Stop Advisory Services

Centralized vendor accountable for the overall management of applications

Measurable Results

Strict adherence to agreed service levels and focused vendor management discipline