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When it comes to SAP transformation, UST Global, addresses real business challenges in today’s digital world. With our deep domain expertise and human-centred approach, we provide a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative offerings, platforms & services, spanning the complete life cycle of your SAP journey.

Business Drivers & Trends

We are seeing an upswell in business led transformation with a focus on driving tangible KPI improvement through rapid deployments in response to shortened disruption cycles & market impacts. Achieving business continuity through automation, standardization and cloud adoption while driving insights through advanced analytics and personalized digital innovation.

Enabling the Digital Enterprise

Keeping the Digital Core Simple and Standard. It is important to standardize ERP and Enterprise apps around corporate and industry best practices without over-complicating them. We focus on de-customizing the core ERP system by extracting and evaluating the existing customization and determining which portions are no longer required, and which support differentiating capabilities.

Driving True Innovation and Differentiation. Developing human-centred, native cloud and mobile apps not only drives the digital experience while enabling a two-speed IT strategy, it can be used drive innovation and customization, enabled by an open source Digital cloud platform.

Orchestrating end-to-end Digital Business Transformation. What brings the core applications and digital apps together is the Digital Thread that connects assets and provides global visibility and insights by leveraging Advanced Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain services while driving touchless operations - all enabled by IoT and Robotics Process Automation.

Building Blocks for Digital Enablement

We enhance standard SAP capabilities by leveraging our market leading pre-built accelerators and proprietary human centric approach to digital cloud application development & innovation. We seamlessly integrate SAP to UST Global’s proprietary platforms and IP like UST SmartOps,, UST Omni, Pneuron and Qubz offerings to drive truly differentiated value to our customers via a seamless digital user experience.

We are your one-stop shop for driving true value at speed through your SAP transformation journey. From solving complex business problems with innovative solutions and advanced technologies, through global transformation programs, to supporting your operations, UST-Global is your partner of choice.

Advisory Services

While it is easy to become enamoured, and sometimes intimidated, by all the new Enterprise technology available. Our Advisory Practice is comprised of multi-decade industry operations experts who have hands-on experience running day to day business activities on a myriad of SAP products, navigating the minefield of what works well and what may be something to avoid.

Cloud Migration

UST Global helps customers with their landscape modernization & transformation roadmap through our UST-Rapid Readiness approach, Cloud Readiness assessment and cloud migration accelerators. When it comes to Cloud migration, we can advise, deploy and accelerate various cloud migration strategies by leveraging our acceleration framework. Let us help to enable your digital journey by adopting SAP Cloud Platform and moving to S/4HANA in the cloud.

UST Evolve - Hybrid Cloud Migration Methodology

Many companies are under pressure to reduce the IT spend, trying to become a nimble organization which can react swiftly to changes in the marketplace and have a limited appetite for massive SAP green field implementations. UST Evolve offers a proven methodology for all of the above: A migration of SAP Landscapes to the cloud, a rapid journey to SAP S/4HANA including the adoption of SAP Best Practice where possible and utilizing SAP Cloud Platform for de-customizing your SAP Core without compromising your competitive advantage in the market place.

S/4HANA Transformation Services

The journey to S/4HANA does not have to be hard, if you know what you are doing. We leverage and enhanced a version of the SAP Activate methodology, augmented by an additional pre-preparation stage, UST-Rapid Readiness, to help clients understand up-front the impact, approach and business value leveraging our Beyond-ROI estimation app. This is a proven strategy based on an eight-stage S/4 preparation framework.

We expand the Explore phase by seamlessly integrating business process change management. We drive adoption of the SAP Cloud platform to enable the Digital Enterprise and drive innovation and close any system gaps, using our Design for Happiness approach to digital application development and innovation.

Finance Transformation

All companies need to accurately and efficiently process business transactions, report financial results, forecast future performance and predict possible outcomes. With deep expertise in both finance, statistics and analytics, UST Global delivers real-time business insights that are, trusted and actionable, resulting in significant and measurable financial gains through S/4HANA Finance & SAP Analytics Cloud.

Human Capital Management

Correct business processes definition, efficient implementation of market leading SAP solutions and well executed change management are essential to driving positive and measurable value in the Human Resources Management area. The UST Global HCM Team has deep experience working with clients across various business sectors and sizes to provide innovative industry-specific SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Solutions to allow for rapid deployment.

Customer Experience & Commerce

As the world of customer commerce continues to evolve, organizations need to move their business into the digital world. UST’s robust industry knowledge and delivery expertise across the entire SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience Portfolio, including Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Customer Data and Qualtrics Experience Management, allows us to create tailored solutions to fit your unique needs.

Global Delivery & Managed Services

We provide SAP Global Delivery and Managed Services by leveraging delivery centers in India and across Europe and North America while driving an optimal staffing model with effective methodology & tools to deliver projects and work packages effectively. The transparent governance process, agile approach & automation tools enable projects to run efficiently and timely with an average of 25% more productivity and increased cost savings.

Data Insights & Analytics

Organizations have a wealth of data but often lack the tools and resources to fully utilize and leverage it. Our data- and analytics services provides strategy, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools to drive your company to discover new opportunities. We leverage, enhance and seamlessly integrate standard S/4HANA embedded analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud and BI with our market leading platforms & IP to drive business value.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are under pressure during these volatile and uncertain times. Our SAP SCM, IBP, Ariba and S/4HANA supply chain experts and Cloud Platform developers are here to help you achieve your Digital Supply Chain Transformation needs. We have deep ties to SAP and bring unparalleled consulting experience and advanced solutions to address your Supply chain challenges & opportunities.

While standard enterprise solutions promise end-to-end capabilities to support your business, often certain critical functional gaps or inefficiencies continue to exist when mapping to your specific business processes. We have developed a portfolio of industry-leading tools, platforms, apps, and accelerators to help fill fundamental gaps in the Digital Core and SAP Cloud applications. These products address white space in the standard SAP portfolio and can drive real value and differentiation to your business.

Beyond ROI

Determining the true value and return on investment for your S/4HANA journey is often a daunting challenge. By leveraging the UST Global's Beyond ROI digital assessment app, customers can rapidly analyze the economic ROI and personalize their roadmap to visualize how S/4HANA will deliver true transformative value to their organization.

Triage Sprint

When facing business real business challenges or opportunities, it is often hard to think out of the box and coming up with a clear solution. The Triage Sprint is a structured Ideation & Design strategy session where our domain experts & SAP Architects collaborate with key customer IT and Business stakeholders to solve complex issues in a lightning-fast 2–3 day workshop

Return To Work – On SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Events like COVID-19 are driving companies to take unprecedented steps to ensure safety in workplaces. We help customers monitor the workplace via advanced video analytics (while considering privacy regulations) and IoT devices, while leveraging digital dashboards and automated workflow to drive risk mitigation and preventative actions, through the SAP Analytics Cloud.


UST Flex | Intelligent Order Management

Customer demand patterns have changed, becoming unpredictable, leading to constrained supply. As a digital extension of S/4 HANA AATP via Fiori & SAP Cloud Platform, UST Flex provides digital cockpits for flexible, real-time analysis, Allocation Maintenance & Order Management. Configurable algorithms calculate allocation quantities to ensure that order fulfilment aligns to business strategy.

Allocation & Order Management Cockpit (AMC)

Operations teams want to manage their Product Allocations quantities on a regular basis but SCM-APO’s Demand Planning Books are slow and cumbersome. AMC is a bolt on to SCM-APO that allows for flexible management of Allocation and Order confirmation quantities on the same screen. The Excel-like user interface is up to 12x faster, while allowing multiple users to simultaneously update quantities.

Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s supply chains are complex and under a lot of pressure. UST Omni provides true end-to-end supply chain visibility, down to the SKU level, under a single SaaS platform. Comprehensive IoT monitoring provides real time location and product integrity, while the AI Risk engine leverages Geo-Political inputs to predict impacts & orchestrate updates to S/4HANA and legacy applications in real time.


Smart Invoicing

Repetitive, offline, manual processes are often labor intensive and error prone.  Process Automation can be used to drive efficiency and quality at speed. As example, vendor invoices are often submitted via email with unstructured data attachments with incompatible formats.  UST SmartOps, our AI-Powered Cognitive Automation platform can be user to interpret invoice images and automatically posted them into SAP S/4HANA via standard API’s. 

UST OSA+ | On-Shelf Availability Management

Reducing Out-of-Stock (OOS) by streamlining store-level SKU demand forecasting and replenishment systems, while identifying new buying trends is a real challenge for many Retailers. UST OSA+ leverages advanced ML and AI models to produce a detailed forecast used for identifying potential OOS situations. Actively managed models calculate and deliver automatic replenishment quantities back to the Retailer’s execution systems. UST can also manage the solution on the backend

Digital WH Picking & Route Optimization

Printing paper picklists and tracking product/batch selection, while routing a picker through the warehouse when configurations change is inefficient, even with advanced SAP eWM capability. Using a Digital application on handheld devices with a real-time connection to the SAP, while using advanced algorithms, guides the picker through the warehouse in an optimized path.